End of third semester

Nothing big to write at this time than to say that I completed my third semester last Saturday. This has been the most busy semester for me. I took on new personal projects and did live it well. What was tough is that combining all with academics is way less compared to a walk in the park.

Overall, I made new friends on my campus. Spending more time at the Nitte School of Management did give me several benefits. I added a new certificate to my resume, made about 3 industrial trips, made friends with inspiring lecturers over there and become generally close to the management. So, it was all a great ride.

I attended several conferences, workshops and seminars (than I did in the first two semesters) all of which took me steps ahead in knowledge. Awesomeness reloeaded :).

As I approach my fourth and last semester, I have made several decisions about it. In every institutions I have attended, I have always spent my last semester or term either making plans of what to do next after graduating or solidifying the plan. So, due to this I shift focus completely off academics and focus on a bigger goal.

So, this last semester, I have decided on a path. The entire semester will be spent solidifying my plans for the years ahead after business school, while staying open to more potentially rewarding stuffs. That’s one.

Among other things, I have also decided to purse a worthy research (for my thesis), like I did during the last year of my undergraduate degree where I researched about the impact of Technology on the informal leather sector of Nigeria. I put in all efforts and spinned out a work I am still proud of today. Likewise, I will be doing the same this time. For now, my chances of making a social media related research remains high (something I decided since day 1).

Furthermore, we will have a 12 week internship window next semester. I have decided to pick the company or choose the path that guarantees me the biggest opportunity to learn. I have decided not to choose money over knowledge and experience. So, this internship window will be spent in a company (or anywhere) I perceive will maximize my chances of learning and gaining experience, doing the best thing among all options.

Several other decisions, but let’s shield others for now.

I look forward to a rewarding semester…when it starts. For now, moving on to bigger things 🙂

Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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