Cycling to work: Day 1

Oh boy!

I began my challenge this morning and it wasn’t easy. It is my longest one-way commute on a bicycle so far. It took about 40 minutes. I feel it could have been shorter if I took another route with fewer and shorter hills. There’s another route I know of that I will be trying tomorrow to compare.

Change of cloth

This is a no-brainer. I need to buy one or two pair of cycling kits. I’ll ride with it to the office and have a change of cloth in the office. It may mean leaving a few Tees in the office as well. This isn’t difficult since my laundry guys pick up and deliver to the office.


Oh My! I was soaked after the 40 minutes ride. I carried a face towel, but I barely had time to wipe on the road. Not sure of how to deal with this yet.


I felt very light after cleaning up compared with how I feel after getting off a cab. That is after two cups of water J

Laptop Bag

Though, I carry a very light laptop, I thinks the ride could have been lighter and more comfortable without the backpack. Again, I am not sure of how to handle this yet since leaving my laptop in the office isn’t doable for now.



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  • That’s an awesome choice. I’m just of the opinion that if you tried that in some places in Nigeria, you will be a guest to at least one of the teaching hospitals. #chuckles
    Terrible roads, we need good roads in Nigeria

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