Crushing your fears

…so I asked this young chap what his major issue is. He looked at my fairly grown hair, then straight into my eyes and said “confidence”. “Many times, I want to…but I just can’t find the confidence”.

Just like my friend, there are many other people who have this same issue. Wanting to take certain actions but “just can’t find the confidence”.

Well, I have just one advice, informed by my experience.

Confidence comes by doing, doing and doing only. When people ask me how they can overcome low self esteem and confidence related issues, the only answer I have for them is to face their fears. There’s no way you’re going to come over that fear if you keep running away from every opportunity to crush it.

I remember the first “official” opportunity I got to speak publicly. I was going to speak to about 100 students on a topic of my choice. When the invitation came, my head became as empty as an empty bottle. Everything went blank. Questions like “What will I talk about?”, “How will they perceive me?”, “What if they don’t accept me?” sprang up immediately.

I simply lacked the confidence to get the shit done back then. I had the choice of rejecting it and burying my “thoughts” under the cover of fear. However, I decided to crush it. I went full force with my preparation and determined to make the first my best. As the day approached, I began to care less about people’s feelings or what their reactions would be. The day came. I mounted the podium and let it all loose.

Many moons (YEARS) have passed since then and I have spoken to thousands of people. I have addressed a single audience of over 4,000 people not lesser than 3 times. Everywhere I go, my presentation skills stand out among others.

Is it rocket science? No.

Be it business, public speaking or whatever you’re afraid of doing, the only way you’re going to boost your confidence is if you decide to embrace the smallest opportunity you get to act. If I had turned down the opportunity to speak that one time, I probably wouldn’t have developed my confidence level beyond the point it was before the invitation came.

Give it a trial, it may not work out, but one thing would have happened – a boost in your confidence level. So, what is that fear? Making a presentation? Starting a business? Talking to someone you’ve never met before? *fill in the blank with your greatest fears* Go do it!


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