Coworking to acceleration

Sometimes last year, I was in search of a coworking space to work from. Then I landed at Cobalt, being the closest to my house and due to good offerings as well.

One of the tasks I remember was printing, signing and scanning our payment gateway agreement at Cobalt. Fast forward few months, Cobalt became NUMA Bengaluru and we had to apply. Few moons went by and 1Plify was selected by NUMA among 10 other Indian startups for their acceleration program.

I don’t know whether I should attribute this development to the fact that I decided to work from a coworking space last year. By chance. By luck. By divine intervention. We found ourselves at NUMA and we’ve been kicking assw.

I know I am supposed to say something like “I am delighted to announce that blah blah” (as the media has been reporting :)), but I prefer to express what I feel deep inside me.

This picture is right at the entrance of NUMA Bengaluru. Some call it “wall of fame” (of the startups that made it to NUMA). I see it as “wall of responsibility”. I see a difficult task to remain on that wall as one of NUMA’s most successful start-ups (for future batches to emulate as we’re currently looking up to BlaBlaCar) several years from today.

Each time I step into the building and sight the picture on the wall, it reminds me of the work ahead. It reminds me of the difficult road I chose and why. Startups are at best, experiments. No one knows who’s going to be successful; but we must work. Work, we will.

Wish us well on this journey.

Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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