Common, BE REAL!

Very few people are original. There’s very little original anything out there. Because to be original means you have to stand alone. – Susan Powter

Drafting this post means so much to me at this time. You see, there are over 7Billion people in the world today and several researches have proved that over half of that figure are caught up in the identity crisis – being what they aren’t. Many have grown so old only to find out at such an old age that they have pursued the wrong course while many have pursued the right course but still without genuineness. You know, it’s so easy to copy others, but we sometimes forget that what we become by replicating other people’s values is a mere copy of who they are.

Real people are just hard to find in today’s world. Most times, our quest to adhere to certain rules and protocols of life prescribed to us by pastors, motivational speakers, parents, imams and others in this class, have pushed us to be who we aren’t wired to be. Friends, just be real. I don’t care how many principles you’ve heard and played by in  time past; if genuineness is absent, they’ll lead you no where. BE ORIGINAL! Friends, there are proves all over the world that shows that people who are real with themselves always end up being celebrated.

Yesterday, I tweeted this:

I never expected the response I got. Numerous people seems to agree with the above tweet. Yet, this is a man who has broken virtually all the rules in his field. Today, he is a leading expert in that same field. SO, what happened to playing by the rules? Ditch those rules and pursue your worthy cause. As young as I am, I have at certain points had to break certain rules. As a principle, I have chosen NEVER to live by the standards, rules, and limitations posed by humans like me (who are actually dead). That it worked for them doesn’t suggest it’ll work for me. What matters most is that I know what I want in life and I’m ready to pursue in all genuity.

As part of being real, you’ll have to create your own path sometimes. Following the path others created may simply not be good enough for you. In blogging, there are several rules set by “experts” in the industry. Rules such as “Your post must not be too long, your post must be at least 250 words short and all those bullshit flying out there”. These rules are true but just limited. Seth Godin’s blog post are sometimes as short as 10 words. Yes, 10 words. Do they make sense, yea, a lot of sense. In fact, this is one of the things that makes his blog stand out.

FINAL WORD: If you’re a blogger reading this, I’m not asking you to be another Seth Godin (with short blog posts). All I’m saying is JUST BE ORIGINAL. “I’d rather be known for being a bitch while being real, than known for being the sweetest guy while being fake.”


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