Celebrating the journey: 7 months later…

Exactly 7 months ago, the first cheque towards the development of our new platform was issued.

Back then, it was nothing but an idea. We had hired four programmers in July, 2013 who couldn’t get the project up after 2 months. So, in September, 2013, we laid them off and decided to move on with new set of developers.

Today, that rough idea has metamorphosed into a product we’re proud of. It’s been a rough tough journey with sleepless nights, countless confrontations with the developers, and many more. Code after code, we built. Hurdles after hurdles, we crossed.

When we started, we thought we’ll be done in 45 days. From our own calculations, it shouldn’t take more than 35 days to build such platform. So, the remaining 10 would be for demo testing. 7 months later, we accepted we were wrong.

Who says building a product is a walk in the park? Try one.

This short journey has taught me many things. I’ll be sharing them all in the coming weeks.

This is not a celebratory post. We’re nothing close to our target. We’re yet to even launch (but, we’re close).  However, this just happens to be a day to remember where we started from. A day when seeing all the mails trails with our developers give me joy. In fact, today, one of our developers looked me in the face and said “thank you” for confrontations and hurdles we made them cross. They are proud of what they’ve built.

I know we haven’t started. We have only managed to make a few partnerships out of a hefty target. We’re hopeful others will fall in place in the coming days. I hear the real work lies ahead.

For us, the next few days are the real days in the life of this thing called startup. I am sold out. The next 2 months may be the most brutal as I dive into the unknown for one more attempt. If I fail, it won’t be because I didn’t knock on every door possible. It won’t be because I sat in my comfort zone waiting for things to happen. Hell No!

If I succeed, well…

Wish me well

Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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