Can Facebook sustain it’s position?

You must be aware of the big battle going on between Facebook and Google’s new G+ (Google plus). Well, I have been on the side of G+ so far, objectively, though. I have heard so many speculations, especially from facebook addicts that Google cannot shake Facebook in any way. However, reverse is the case. As far as today is concerned, Facebook is doing all they can to avoid obscurity. As a result of this, there have been numerous updates to the FB platform recently. So, many new features have been added to Facebook within the last few days. It is worthy of note that this features are actually “twitter-like” and “G+ like”, if you understand what I mean.

Just some minutes ago, I stumbled on Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook page and I noticed his last post (posted on Sunday) “Getting ready for f8 — at Facebook HQ.”

I took some time to check the comments and I spotted one major point. Check it out on the screenshot below:

Taking a look at how many people like the comment (1,258 likes), it’s obvious that the guy is making a point that facebook probably isn’t aware of. Friends, my point of view is that facebook is releasing too many new features at a time in response to the arrival of G+. Facebook needs to consider the effects this has on it’s users. I know many people who are still finding it very difficult to work with the current features (some are now former, anyway). I have lost count of how many times I have been called upon to perform certain FB tasks for numerous people. So, my concern is how these set of people will be able to adapt to the new features being rolled out everyday. I almost got confused today, when I opened my FB profile in a browser. So many things have changed. Features like the new side bar notifications which displays all the actions of your friends in real-time, the removal of the status update box from the News Feed, and many others. I am not in anyway saying that these new features are not good. My concern is just how users respond to them.

I am still expecting more features to be rolled out from facebook in the coming days (like the new buttons and others). In my own opinion, the new features will retain facebook as the top Social Networking site if and only if they are:

  • Simpler to use than before.
  • More sophisticated than before.
  • Promote the users’ objective of connectivity.
  • It they don’t make Facebook kind of complicated and too chocked for simple users to understand.

Those are the four things I think Mark and the FB board need to consider before rolling out more.

If you have seen the newly added features on Facebook, what do you feel about them? This weekend, I’ll be on the street and one of my missions is to sample people’s opinion about FB and G+. Stay tuned.

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  • The staff at FB dont bother looking at these essential comments.
    They obviously have forgotten that its feedback that helps you make something better. They just roll out new features and expect you to adjust. Not cool.

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