Blogging to please Google? Consider your visitors too

You’ve been told that Google bots crawl your sites and they’re constantly in search of keywords. These keywords combined with other factors are what gives your site a higher ranking on Google. With this information, you’ve written hundreds of articles littered with keywords that have little or nothing to do with your articles. Each time you get on your keyboard to type, what comes to your mind is Google. Not that you love Google per se, not because of your love for Larry or Sergy; but it’s your drive to get the top spots on Google that makes you write this way.

You know what, those who write solely for Google hardly become successful in their blogging career. Remember that blogging doesn’t end until you’ve converted your visitor to a regular visitor. What writing for Google does is to make your pieces look faked. Your visitors are searching for someone who writes directly from the heart. They want to connect and learn from your posts, but chances are that when they read your keyword laden posts, they get turned off and sense your lack of originality. Your visitors really do not know the ‘jargon’ called SEO or keywords, but they do sense it when you’ve just written to gain search engine ranking.

Who would you rather write for, Google or your visitors? Did you create your blog solely to have high ranking on search engines?

Did I just advise you not to include keywords in your articles? CAPITAL NO!!! The key here is that you write from your heart first, save and then begin to look for places where you can sprinkle your keywords. Your customers first, before Google. If you place Google above your potential visitors, yeah, you’ll achieve a top spot on Google, but you’ll hardly convert any.

This is just one way to not write for Google.

*This posts applies to all search engines and not Google alone*


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