Beni American University commences with beta testers

Except you’ve not been paying close attention to the Nigerian tech news for the past two weeks, you must have heard about Beni American University. Beni American University is the latest initiative from Student Circle founder, Gossy Ukanwoke. Beni American University is set to create a revolution in Nigeria’s Educational sector by providing online education to Nigerian and African students.

The start-up University opened up for beta testers on the 22nd of March, 2012 while classes commenced fully yesterday with beta students receiving an assignment titled “Get to know Your Classmates“. The assignment is

aimed at fostering conversations among the students. It was an opportunity for the students to meet themselves before further lessons are conducted .

As at today, BAU has enrolled about 33 beta testers. The test short course (Technology Entrepreneurship) which started yesterday, April 1 2012 is scheduled to end on the 7th of April.

I am convinced that BAU is setting the pace for a revolution in Nigeria’s Educational sector.

While explaining the need for an initiative like BAU, Gossy said:

Beni American University is a tool for solving an impending social crisis. Check for example, in the past 3 or 4 years, over 1.4 million students take the UMTE / JAMB examination annually and an average of about 300,000 students can only be admitted into Nigerian universities due to lack of space and no supporting infrastructure. This is a problem. Questions arise on the subject like, what happens to the remaining students?, what do they do? How about the qualified ones who cannot gain admissions?

BAU is expected to commence full admission soon.

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