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Namaste (Hello in Hindi).

DIGITAL CAMERA7th September, 2012 – bade my family and dear country farewell at the Murtala International Airport, Lagos as I hopped into the Fly Emirates’ Boeing 777-300ER  aircraft bound for Dubai, UAE. It was the beginning of a journey to India, South Asia. Much more than that, it was the beginning of a 2 year journey for the pursuit of knowledge. I departed to pursue my MBA degree.

9AM on the 8th of September, Touch-down Bengaluru International Airport. Went through a less stressful (surprising) immigration screening as I signed myself into the second largest country in the world. Beyond that, I was making my way into the IT hub of India, Bangalorethe Silicon Valley of India. Bengaluru-International-Airport-4Navigating my way around the airport premises was pretty easy. Stepped out of the airport and sighted my name written boldly on a white A4 sheet. It was Dr. Prassad, one of the HODs of my new institution. We exchange pleasantries and made our way to the car.

Few minutes later, we were in the compound of Nitte Meenakshi  Institute of Technology (NMIT) –  my new school. I immediately proceeded for my registration and a couple of introductions to some of the staff. Rest is history.

It’s close to 6 months since then and the experiences have been superb. From the lectures to my new friends, events and the likes, it’s been a worthwhile experience. Well, except that there seems to be an Indian way to everything. I’ve had to leave with that. Let’s leave that for another post :).

It’s the end of the first semester (one exam to go though). This past semester went pretty well but for the stress. Hectic is an understatement. I now have close to 48 hours in a day and not 24 hours :). The only compensation that keeps me going with the crazy schedule is my understanding of the fact that the stress will be worth it at the end.

Some moments are worth sharing. This is one of such. Sequel to this, I’ll be sharing some of my experiences via my new MBA Diary. I invite you to check it out and live the moments with me :).

I just blogged so you know I’m back to school 🙂

dhanyavad (Thank you in Hindi)

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