At Boot camp for start-ups

I just left the green campus of the Indian Institute of Management, one of the leading business schools in India. There I attended “bootcamp for startups” facilitated by Professor Sarasvathy. The session was based on her 15 year research on how entrepreneurs use effectuation to create their success story. Honestly, there’s a thought-shift.

With tons of examples of practicing entrepreneurs, Prof. Saras shared several ways of how to go the effecuation way. One of such is the ASK principle. Most times, all an entrepreneur needs to do is ASK. It doesn’t stop there, how an entrepreneur ASKs, matters a lot. The first question an entrepreneur ASKs while selling his product, pitching his idea, asking for the buy-in of an early stage employee etc will dictate the tune and eventually determine whether the deal gets landed or not.

Prof. Saras shared several tips on how to ASK effectively.

Really, a great session. Thank to the NSR cell of IIMB for this monthly event. IIMB, see you in February 8th when we’ll be discussing HR for start-ups.tmp_IMG_20140104_124618-1333374206




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