Air Nigeria apologizes

After ranting about the services of any company, I think it is equally a wise thing to write a follow-up story after getting a response from them.

About two days ago, I ranted about the frequent delays experienced by Air Nigeria’s passengers in recent times. Yesterday evening, my eyes ticked as I read a response from Air Nigeria. It was actually sent via Twitter. In their words:

Hello @tobexmastermind. Thank you for your feedback, we always value this as it lets us know what we need to improve on. W apologise for the recent delays which were due to operational reasons bordering on strict adherence to safety, however all hands are on deck to ensure this is a thing of the past. Thanks again for being a loyal customer.

For reference purpose, here is the link to the apologetic tweet: [link]

While I condemn the frequent delays, I think it is commendable that Air Nigeria is actually paying attention to what’s being said about them on social media. “+1 to Air Nigeria for that.”

I hope not to be forced to rant about Air Nigeria’s services in the near future again.

“Yours Passionately”

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