Africa Rising

Many are the problems facing Africa as a continent. Let’s not talk so much about the local problems, but instead about the stereotype by western media and Hollywood. There are many solutions to this, but I doubt if videos and media campaigns is the ultimate solution. This morning, I received a link to one of such videos dispelling the stereotype. While the video might have gone viral (considering I got it from an Indian), what I doubt is whether the viral nature of such video is potent enough to truly change the narrative on a global scale.

To me, the ultimate solution is in a critical mass of Africans rising and competing globally. This is happening at the fastest rate than Hollywood and the western media can comprehend. As I type this, young Africans are developing home grown solutions to dominant African problems. These solutions and inventions are the things that will shape the next 50 years. The inventors of such are going to be the Nobel Prize winners and the billionaires of the next decades to come. No one, I repeat, no one can stop this.

This Africa rising story is not fairy tale or just a media stunt as some might think. What Africans should (and the rest of the world who are concerned about this) do, beyond media campaigns, is to support young Africans who will emerge as global success stories. The more the successes from Africa, the better the story to change the narrative globally. While the rest of the world is waiting for Africans with guns in their pockets, thirsty for violence and the likes, what will emerge are Africans who will shake the world with technical prowess, eat global completion and eventually redistribute global wealth (think the next set of billionaires coming from Africa).

I am happy to be part of that crop of new Africans rising. We will not fail the continent. We are ready to take on the world. We will not be swayed or discouraged by the paid promotions of stereotypes we get anywhere we go. Hollywood, and the rest of the media can continue to push their poverty porn, stereotypes and the likes (that’s tied to their bottom line anyway).

Did I also mention that those who will support (invest and groom) these next set of Africans are also going to generate insane wealth. Those who are wise (think VCs et al) are already focusing their funds on good investments in Africans. That’s the smartest thing to do in 2016. Western leaders/entrepreneurs have a choice – Keep watching Hollywood movies about Africa, Fuel/Believe the narrative OR invent the future with smart Africans.

Africa will be great again. Hello Future!

Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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