Adieu Grandpa

At 83 years, grandpa took in his last breathe, yesterday.

I am grateful to you for being a good father to my mum. There is no way she would have been a virtuous woman without a dad like you. She told us several stories about all the trainings you gave her and her siblings while growing up. The daughter you raised passed on those values to us.

Each time you paid us a visit, you gave us money – mostly new notes. Dad collected it every single time. As kids, we thought he was using it to enrich himself. We knew nothing.

If you ever get a chance to read this, I want you to know that dad kept it safe and used it to buy shares of several companies for us. Our future is safer because of those gifts. Thank you Grandpa.

If I have to apologize for anything, it will be not spending enough time with you since I grew up. I am guilty of being too busy pursuing “vanity” rather than spending time with you and the entire family. Your daughter, Yetunde put those virtues in me – of working tirelessly to get what I want out of life, of never surrendering. I wanted to go the extra mile to make her (and you) proud. I’m afraid I might have taken it too far. Dad told me how you always wanted to see me. He persuaded me to visit each time I came around. BUT, there’s always one reason or the other why I couldn’t make it. For this, I am sorry. I know you understand, as you told me the last time I saw you. I bet my entire life on one thing, I will make you and the entire family proud. I will.

Rest in peace, grandpa.

Your grandson,


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