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I have been a big victim of an educational system that is totally screwed up before I was born. While I did graduate from the University with a profitable business,  I graduated from a University that strictly prohibits business on campus, yet, offers a 4 year course in Business Administration and Economics. I remember I lost a couple of money making opportunities just because the authorities wouldn’t allow me travel to meet my clients, unless I told a lie about losing a relative or something bigger.

People like me are rare; who would break the rules, get caught several times and still continue the same business. What I cry for is the ripple effect of this on our University graduates and the economy as a whole. I went through a lot. I suffered and sacrificed a lot to do the things I did on campus. It didn’t matter that I was a “criminal” according to the rules of the University. What matters most now is that those experiences I got sweating it out  myself formed the foundation of everything I do today. That experience is wealth to me and one I cannot forget easily. But, on the flip side, I feel I could have achieved way more that that if I had the support of my University (or even lecturers). I also feel a lot more people (students like me) could have achieved the same with the right support in place.

So, here are my questions.

Why can’t we learn business administration in our Universities by actually doing? Why can’t we encourage more students to do business in the safest environment possible – the campus?

Why can’t we have an entrepreneurship program in our Universities (or anywhere else) that is not measured with the old archaic CGPA system? Why can’t we have a rigorous start-up program (in our Universities) where people don’t graduate with printed papers called certificates, but instead ventures ready to conquer the world.

Why isn’t there a program where people just learn by doing instead of learning by cramming outdated theories propounded by dead people?

Why? I ask. In the above is one of the major solutions to unemployment. Not just that, we’ll be helping more people fulfill their dreams with such structure in place.

If there’s any project I am badly willing to be part of (or start), it will be one that addresses the above questions, creating viable alternatives for the rest of us who don’t fit into a typical classroom or into a 9 – 5 job. If the University system is too rigid to accept these changes, we might as well create ours.

Technopreneur. Chief Hustler at 1Plify. PhD scholar [Technology entrepreneurship]

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