A new beginning: Day 1, second semester

I rose up this morning with”Ojumo” (a song by beautiful Nubia) on repeat. As I listened while still in sleep mode, I tried to make my body system agree to one fact – resumption is today. Accepting that reality has been difficult since last night. Why shouldn’t it be anyway, when you’ve only had 3 days semester break?

I put myself together and got prepared for college. I did this with one thing in mind – classes won’t start today anyway. Being the first day, I shouldn’t spend more than one hour or thereabout in school. Well I was wrong.

Well, to my surprised, classes started at exactly 9AM with only three students in the class (I inclusive). Dr. Shridhar cared less about the attendance as he dived straight into the first topic for the semester (Quantitative Methods II). After his class, we went further to have a dose of two other courses –  Financial Management and Marketing Management with both lecturers giving an overview of the entire syllabus for the new semester.

Don’t blame my surprise. This is one system I’m not particularly used to. I’m used to a system where things don’t seem to work. Normally, the first few days (if not weeks) of resumption are usually dedicated for registration and some unnecessary tasks. These days are usually the most stressful as students need to move from offices to offices trying to get several papers signed by lazy staff who make it more difficult for you as if they’re not being paid. God bless those days.

As against what I’m used to, names of all students were already printed in the attendance register. No need to sign any document. Day 1, just head into the class and learning begins IMMEDIATELY. Time Tables already displayed on the notice board with an academic calender for the entire semester. Sometimes, you get used to bad services that it begins to look good. Sigh…nuff said.

I do pray that this semester will be a great one for me, my colleagues and our senior colleagues (the staff/lecturers) as well.

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