A call to Nigerian Youths

Hello Nigerian Youths,

On November 13, I updated mmy facebook status to this:

Nigerian Youths, will you allow some cabal represent your voices? I say Nay!!! Its high time we active in socio-political issues. You don’t have to be a politician. ROAD TO 2015.

The truth is just not far from that update. I am deeply concerned about one youth organization that is claiming to be the voice of youths. The cabal that run this country have now discovered that the best way to get the youths is to use already established youth agencies to establish their intentions; or even set up new ones.

These so called Youth Agencies claim to be representing us, i.e. the youths. If I begin to mention names, I am sure that more than half of those reading this piece will have no idea about them. So, the question is “How can an organization be representing people who are not aware of them?”

I and some tweeps had an interesting discussion on this sometimes ago, though, it ended nowhere. Nigerian youths needs to beware of some people calling themselves “the voice of the youths.” We must carefully scrutinize the organizations we choose as our voice to the government. They may organize rallies that seems to be in our interest. They may publish articles that fit into what we desire as youths. But, at the end, we might be surprised to watch these same organizations turn their backs against us.

My passionate appeal is for the youths to get into active participation in governance. Do you even know what the fuel subsidy removal is all about? Do you know the real intentions of the people behind this? Do you know that some of the organizations that claim to be representing you might be saying yes to the fuel subsidy plan very soon? Do you think your voice is truely represented?

How much can you say about the integrity of the Youth Leaders who claim to be representing you? Do you even know any? Well, whether you know them or not, the government knows them and listens to them. What have they done in the past? How did they even qualify as Youth Leaders? Who chose (or elected) them? and What do they stand for (values)?

As for the youth organizations, who established them? How do they operate? Who finances them? What are their primary aims? Are they even known by those they claim to be representing? Who are their leaders?

Youths, it high time we STOP folding our hands all in the claim of not been a politician. Check out what other youths are doing in foreign lands. The New Nigeria we have been anticipating will not come without a strong collaboration between all demographies. Trust me on that!

It is our responsibility to challenge the government policies that have negative impacts on the economic well being of the country. We should start challenging leaders that act in questionable manner. It will cost us a lot, but it will deliver our dream of a New Nigeria faster than we can imagine.

Now is the time to rise and act!

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