1Plify is not a course directory

So, I was discussing with someone recently and he suggested listing several courses of various Universities worldwide for information and SEO purposes (or least getting permission for that).

My response was direct and simple. 1Plify is not a course listing site or directory. We do not pride ourselves in how many courses we can list on the portal, but instead in how many students are applying for the ones we have listed. This means that we reach agreements with tertiary institutions that are willing to accept student applications directly from our portal. We’re not trying to be the OLX for education :-).

Essentially, we don’t list courses of Universities we don’t have direct contact with. We open discussions and sign a memorandum of understanding at the end between us to ensure we are on the same page. So, all the courses we have listed are from Universities that know us well and agreed to our terms and vise versa. This allows us provide the best of services to both the Universities and the students and leave both parties delighted. Always.

Our desire is to be the go-to site for tertiary education admission in Africa. Note the word “admission”. We won’t achieve that by simply adding courses of Universities we have no contact with for SEO reasons.

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